Sleepy Hollow Whitetails is located in Meigs Township, Muskingum County, Ohio. Muskingum County has historically been one of the top trophy whitetail producing counties in Ohio. Meigs Township, in particular, is comprised of large land holdings which leads to low hunting pressure. Our goal at Sleepy Hollow Whitetails is to provide archery hunters, youth hunters and muzzleloader enthusiasts the opportunity to harvest a mature whitetail buck. Sleepy Hollow Whitetails is privately owned and managed. Multiple stand sites and blinds have been prepared to give you the best opportunity.

Lodging is provided in the newly constructed cabin located within walking distance of where you’ll have the experience of a lifetime.  Your hunt will consist of you and your hunting party; you will not be sharing the property with people you didn’t come with.  Hunting parties will be limited to groups of 4,  as the cabin and acreage will comfortably accommodate this number.

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting in Ohio


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The property you will be hunting consists of typical Southeast Ohio terrain; hills and hollows, Oak flats, and mature hardwoods.  This property is surrounded by large land holdings that are barely hunted.  We are located in “the sticks” as they say!  In recent years the hunting around here has shifted to bow hunting and that has paid dividends, as the bucks get the opportunity to reach maturity.  Generally speaking, the locals that hunt around here are pretty selective on what they shoot.  The bulk of the immediate surrounding acreage is basically left unhunted, and has been that way for several years.

Hunters who have booked a hunt will be provided an aerial map of the area.  OnX Hunt is an awesome app that you can download to your phone.  You can download a map that utilizes GPS to keep track of where you are while you are on your hunt, mark waypoints and stand sites, etc.  Hunters who have booked hunts can receive emails from with the latest trail camera pictures and updates.  We want to make this an interactive experience, as the anticipation of the hunt is one of the best parts.

Good food and plenty of it makes ‘em grow!

Food plots, mineral licks, and corn piles are maintained to hold the deer close.  Agricultural crops are in close proximity that also help the deer maintain their overall health year around.

Every hunter’s idea of a trophy whitetail is different.  That old doe that has busted you three times may be considered a trophy the 4th time you see her.  A spike buck may be “the one” for that youth’s first deer.  At Sleep Hollow Whitetails we will impose a 120 inch minimum for adult hunters.  Youth hunters, up to 16 years of age can shoot whatever makes their hunt memorable.